Shedding Light on the Centrality of the Heart: Part Two

Tiferet, the Heart Center, stands not only in the middle of the Tree of Life, but as such it also acts as the fulcrum, the middle balance point between the right and left pillars of the Tree. The right and left sides represent our life experience in motion. On one hand, our energy moves out into the world and on one hand then it moves back into ourselves. So, the heart regulates the countervailing forces of expansion and contraction, not just physically but psycho-emotionally as well.

The expansive force of Hesed (love) and the contractive force of Gevurah (courage) are held in a constant interactive relationship by Tiferet, the heart center. This balancing act between giving of one’s light and crafting the energy received in return creates the push-pull effect within us that generates both movement and synergy.

Functioning as “the heart”, Tiferet brings the whole structure of our life experience into clear focus though its act of pulsation. Its ability to pulsate creates not only energy, but produces motion as well. The heart’s ability to love motivates us and its capability to achieve harmony brings peace and spiritual development. The initiated movement created by Tiferet, in turn, brings down and manifests the cycle of light and dark, of activity and rest. If we remain balanced and compassionate, the interplay of our light and dark sides allows us to effectively express ourselves and our creativity. Hence, our ability to fulfill ourselves in life is the result of the unfolding of the heart through progression of time.


Rabbi Fisdel, Practicing Kabbalist

Tiferet is the Mystery of the Heart. It is one worth pondering deeply and very carefully.


Rabbi Fisdel is a Kabbalah scholar who uses its deep wisdom in his Spiritual Counseling practice in Albany, CA